Blogging – Redefined

Posted: May 5, 2011 in Informative Information, Uncategorized

Well, it seems my last blog will hit the trash bin. So sad. This is Blog- REVSION 04! And I think its here to stay finally! ( I hope) So anyway, some of my old data will be transferred over here shortly, but its mostly a clean start!

Old Features Kept:

  • Video Explosion Thursdays! Now with school over this may be more frequent. I also have fixed the embedding video problem…
  • Recommended Stuff – Renamed ‘iLike’. Simplier, Cleaner, More Better, Yeah. Got it, done. That it.

NEW Features:

  • None of the annoying log-in stuff for posting comments! It asks for your email, but that’s just to verify that your human. Unfortunately I can’t remove that. But neither I nor anyone else sees it, so no worries. AND if your really worried, enter in some random address. That works too.
  • More frequent blog updates! I got too far ahead of myself on the last one. I’m calming down now and spacing it out. But don’t be surprised today if there’s a few posts, that’s because of the catching up.

Ok, well there you have it. I’ll post more soon on here. Stay tuned!


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