Hey there, my name is Eastern FireTail! No, really, it Michael Cherry. Currently studying a BS in Electrical Engineering at the University of South Carolina. I’m an engineer, tinker, designer, hobbyist, and adventurer. I love constantly coming up with new ideas, from new ones, to improving things that have already been developed. I also enjoy improving our quality of life on this planet, and like taking adventures across the country. Want some facts? Here’s a quick list:

IEEE Student Member
(soon-to-be) BS in Electrical Engineering
Model Railroader
RC Enthusiast
Type 1 Diabetic
Single (if you curious)
Age: 22

Computers, Electronics, Graphic Design
MATLAB, PSpice, Office, Eagle, Visual Studio, Auto Cad, 3DS Max, Blender, Inkscape
C#, C++, Assembly, Java, HTML, CSS, Basic, Arduino

Random Stuff:
Writing a 7-book series. Its taken me 8 years so far.
I like drifting. Don’t own a car that can perform well enough to practice.
Can handle very cold temperatures. Its very rare to see me with a jacket on. In fact, I’ve had people want to take a picture of me wearing one, just because its that rare.
I collect swords, and other ‘medieval’ weapons.
I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior in 1999.

Questions for me? Comments about the blog in general? You can contact me at: EasternFireTail@MLCCstudios.com


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