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Hey! Got some updates for you! They were all too small, so I decided to wait till now to tell you. First, model railroad fans rejoice! I finally updated the model railroad stuff. Scroll down to the end of this post if you’re interested in only that. But I hope you’ll read on…

 First fabbed PCB boards!

Circuit Boards!

Yes, I finally have created and gotten my first fabbed circuit boards! I’ve worked with electronics for a good while now, and always avoided getting a ‘pro’ looking board, due to the high costs. But, I finally found this awesome place called For only $30, I got ten of the circuit boards (including shipping) as you can see above! The service is decent, and was able to get the very thin traces I made. I’ve assembled it, as show below: (more…)

There’s snow and ice where I live, and I live in the south. South + snow + ice = everything shuts down. In the meantime, this was perfect for finally getting to scrapping my semi-old Dell printer, as I got a new one, that uses easier to find ink (and cheaper).

Its mostly a photo-style blog today, so enjoy:

The Dell printer to be scrapped today!


If you missed it, the quadcopter project is on hold.

Nevertheless, I have been working on a few other projects. Before I get to those projects in the coming days, just a small update on the blog:

Check the Model Railroading page! Big update has been made! Model Railroading

MiddleWood and SPbrown Layouts have been added to the Model Railroading page. SPbrown is the current layout and is still being worked on. Who knows, maybe I might have a post on it soon? (hint, hint…)

– Eastern FireTail

Ok, so first off, yes, I have been off my blog for a long time. But I’m hoping to get back in the routine of updating this during the summer. Today, I was interested in showing one of the cities that I have built in a video game, Cities XL. Below is the satellite view of Columbia:

Map of Virtual Columbia

Now, not to get confused with the actual city, Columbia SC, but I decided to name this city off the real one. (more…)

Well, it seems my last blog will hit the trash bin. So sad. This is Blog- REVSION 04! And I think its here to stay finally! ( I hope) So anyway, some of my old data will be transferred over here shortly, but its mostly a clean start!

Old Features Kept:

  • Video Explosion Thursdays! Now with school over this may be more frequent. I also have fixed the embedding video problem…
  • Recommended Stuff – Renamed ‘iLike’. Simplier, Cleaner, More Better, Yeah. Got it, done. That it.

NEW Features:

  • None of the annoying log-in stuff for posting comments! It asks for your email, but that’s just to verify that your human. Unfortunately I can’t remove that. But neither I nor anyone else sees it, so no worries. AND if your really worried, enter in some random address. That works too.
  • More frequent blog updates! I got too far ahead of myself on the last one. I’m calming down now and spacing it out. But don’t be surprised today if there’s a few posts, that’s because of the catching up.

Ok, well there you have it. I’ll post more soon on here. Stay tuned!