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This is my build log post on the quadcopter. Today is the introduction of almost flying the craft, but held-up with just a small problem: Stabilization.

If your just joining in, make sure to catch-up on the previous two parts of the Build Log:

Part One – “Theory and Controls” ]

Part Two – “The Body of the Quadcopter” ]

Ok, continuing on, if you haven’t caught the name of the quadcopter yet, it’s name is: Black Dragon. Due to how evil the stabilization tests have been, and for the fact that the color of the craft is black.

If you haven’t caught the video, here’s me trying to fly the quadcopter without any stabilization. This is why I need to build a test platform:


Hello there! During the meantime since the last blog post, I have been busily working on the quadcopter (and getting called into work alot). It has been taking much longer than I expected, but it is finally nearing completion! Taking a break for now from the stabilization tests (lots of pain!), here’s the log on how to build a quadcopter from various parts that you choose, and not just buy a kit:

(also, read everything! You might find the name of the quadcopter hidden somewhere…)

Frame Parts


Why hello there!

So for this summer, one of the projects I’m working on is building a quadcopter (or quadrocopter, I prefer this, but both can be used). With exams at school almost over, I have ordered the parts necessary for the project. Unfortunately to keep costs down, I ordered some parts from China, and am still waiting for the parts to come in the mail. While waiting for the parts to come in, I did get some of the US ordered parts in, mainly from SparkFun. While I did get some parts for another project after this one, The one main part I got was the accelerometer/gyrometer (Part: MPU-6050) for the quadcopter, as shown below:

Introducting! The MPU-6050!


Videos of Parody, Movie Trailers, and more! Its that time again!

     Hello World and all who Inhabit it! Sorry for the late post, it seems my computer this week is against me from going online! Arrg! Got this great computer, and then HP puts a HORRIBLE WiFi card in it!!! Oh, I have a Wifi card, because my computer’s in a basement, and running a 120 foot Ethernet cable didn’t sound like a good idea at the time. I’m starting to reconsider installing that Ethernet cable…

Anyway, because of the computer, I wasn’t able to get that video uploaded, YET! I will get it up soon, as soon as I can fix this problem. Ok, I know you didn’t come to hear me complain about my computer (well, the ones who really know me are probably laughing right now…), so here’s the TOP 5:

Welcome back everyone, to another exciting VIDEO EXPLOSION! Today’s clips include: Music Videos, the End of the World, and much more! Also, the About page has been updated! Check it out here! [EDIT: Ran out of time at the moment, but I will update this! Sorry!] Ok, I know you didn’t come here to listen to me talk today, so here’s my top 3 picks:

Top 5 Videos this week! Enjoy the selection below and comment if you liked any of them!

1. Concrete Hustle – Lightsaber Duel – Why? Because watching lightsaber duels are fun!

2. Legend of Zelda – Literal Trailer Parody – Fun remake on the LOZ preview that’s set to release later this year. Stop at 1:30 if you don’t want to hear the guy talking who did the voice-over talk randomly…

3. Festo – A robotic bird that looks real! Now the government can spy on us without us knowing! d:

4. Sun Drop Commercial – Some commercials are good, others are bad. This ones funny.

5. Thermite Hard Drive Explosion – What good is it if something doesn’t explode? Note: this is a project that can be done, I might do it one of these days…

Ok, that’s all for now folks! Make sure to subscribe via RSS feed, and check back often! Don’t forget to comment!