Circuit Boards, Blogging, Model Trains, Spring Break. How Are These Related?

Posted: March 28, 2014 in Informative Information, Life, Projects
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Hey! Got some updates for you! They were all too small, so I decided to wait till now to tell you. First, model railroad fans rejoice! I finally updated the model railroad stuff. Scroll down to the end of this post if you’re interested in only that. But I hope you’ll read on…

 First fabbed PCB boards!

Circuit Boards!

Yes, I finally have created and gotten my first fabbed circuit boards! I’ve worked with electronics for a good while now, and always avoided getting a ‘pro’ looking board, due to the high costs. But, I finally found this awesome place called For only $30, I got ten of the circuit boards (including shipping) as you can see above! The service is decent, and was able to get the very thin traces I made. I’ve assembled it, as show below:

Assembled first fabbed circuit board!

Assembled Circuit Board!

I then connected the programmer, and was unsuccessful on programming it. I’m using the FRDM-KL25Z as a programmer. In the status window, I keep getting error 7. Unfortunately, after scouring the interwebs, I can’t find any information on what error 7 stands for. Hopefully I will figure it out soon, as I don’t think it is a problem with the circuit board itself, as all electrical connections have been validated with a continuity meter.

With that done, next are updates to the blog. Are you checking the links to the different pages above? I’ve updated the about page, as well as the electronics page too. You might also notice the ‘iLike’ page is also gone. I decided that page was useless. A new page was put in its place, store. If I sell some stuff on Ebay, I’ll attach a link here for you to check out. In fact, you may want to take a look over there now! I’m also working on a possible selling thing with a friend, and may add their stuff there too. And just maybe, a blog T-Shirt. Thoughts? All money earned here is used for future projects, and to upgrade the site in the future.

Last thing about the blog: did you notice the favicon in your browser? Yes, we have one now! And, check the web address too??? It’s no longer, it now!!! Bought the domain name! Hooray! There is a future for this site!

Now, on to some more interesting stuff, it’s almost April! Daylight savings time has jumped forward, and spring is in the air! With that, Spring Break has finally commenced this last week at school. With this I finally took some of my newfound free time and started two projects.

First project: 3D Tetris. One of the popular things to DIY these days are LED cubes. But have you seen a big LED cube that is interactive, and plays video games? No? Well, here’s one for you, with a spin-off the classic Tetris. The project has reached a problem in development at the moment, and parts have been ordered. I’ll post a two part series, once I have more details and problems fixed with this project.

Second project: Unnamed Project – Dual Effects and Reprogrammable guitar pedal! So I have a friend that plays guitar a lot, but doesn’t have a guitar pedal for their electric guitar. I know I can build one, and took the challenge to have it completed by their birthday (awhile from now, but I need to start working on it). I then started expanding the project, making it reprogrammable, so they can add new effects to the guitar pedal over time. The dual part allows two effects to be combined at one time, making this one guitar pedal effectively two guitar pedals. A memory function saves settings, so one can easily recall practice settings for performances! If your curious, equivalent guitar pedals go for over $200! Ouch! But, I think this may also be a marketable product! Imagine, a $200 pedal for $75 to $100! It’s still in the research stages at the current time, but once details have been figured out, I’ll share it with you all! Maybe a Kickstarter might be needed for this project too!

Model Trains! Nuf' Said!

Model Trains!

Well, I finally did something with the model trains, after the electronics have distracted me for so long! Built a quick shelving unit to display all most of the rolling stock. By the way, check out the model railroading page. I’ve updated it, along with details about all some of my model train roster.

That’s all for now folks! Next time: 3D Tetris, or Guitar Pedal? Depends on which is finished first. One hit a small snag in the construction process.

 – Eastern FireTail


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