Model Railroading

Model Train News:

[ 3|28|2014 ] Current Train Roster updated. Grade scale for train roster also added.

[ 8|18|2013 ] Sections for reading about my model railroad projects added. MiddleWood Layout page link added.

[ 6|4|2013The current quadcopter and another project are delaying a big update here! Hold on tight! It will come soon!

Quick Model Train links:

Train Roster


Grade Scale for Train Roster

Model Railroad Layouts:

LowWood Model Railroad Layout [ O-Scale ]

HighWood Model Railroad Layout [ Ho-Scale ]

MiddleWood Model Railroad Layout [ Ho-Scale ]

[ Current! ] SPbrown Model Railroad Puzzle/Layout [ Ho-Scale ]


Current Train Roster:

[Note: Right-Click, Open image in new tab for enlarged photo]


ACL 20030 – 40ft Boxcar

Acquired: Summer 2009

Manufacture: Red Caboose

Grade: A

About: Currently one of the highest ranking in the train roster. First ‘detailed’ model. Very reliable. Only disadvantage is that the doors are non-operating. This is what caused me to create the grade scale originally.


ACL 202 – Corrugated Coach

Acquired: Spring 2007

Manufacturer: IHC

Grade: C

About: Received as a set for birthday present in 10th grade. It was used lightly on the HighWood layout. Currently in storage.

Locomotive Power

ACL 548 – EMD E8/9

Acquired: January 2006

Manufacture: LifeLike/Walters

Grade A

About: After getting back into trains after a move back in late middle school, I was getting serious about model railroading, and wanted to try out DCC and sound. Got this as a Christmas present. Destroyed the original motor due to bad track cleaning. Smoothest running locomotive, but some of the sounds are a little off (i.e. sound recorded, instead of real). Still, highly detailed and fun to operate. I base all my locomotives off this model.

L&N 904 (ACL 99) – GP18

Acquired: December 2012

Predecessor: SF 330

Manufacture: LifeLike Canada

Grade: A-

About: Originally, didn’t want to run either my really nice locomotive and my old SF loco around the Christmas tree that year, so when I saw a good deal at the hobby shop, I got it. Since then, it has become the workhorse for the SP Brown Switching Puzzle/layout. To match it with the railroad I model (ACL), I decided to pretend it was purchased by ACL. ACL diesel locomotives don’t go below road number 100, so this 99 is an imaginary number. Currently waiting till I can get an airbrush before relabeling the locomotive.


SF 330 – F7

Acquired: Summer 2005

Successor: L&N 904

Manufacture: Model Power

Grade: C, previously B, B+

About: After rebooting my model railroad, I purchased a set (no longer sold). After awhile of testing, I constructed the HighWood layout. This locomotive was commonly seen on HighWood, and was the workhorse on MiddleWood layout also. It is the default ‘test’ locomotive for any new construction. Ole’ Reliable is its nickname. No longer used for regular operations, the L&N 904 replaced it. Damaged in several areas, but it keeps chugging along! (no pun intended)

Posts About Model Trains:

[3|28|2014] Updated Grade Scale and Train Roster

Grade Scale for Train Roster

A+ – Basically perfect! Prototype accuracy (local not required) and outstanding operational reliability! Locomotives here have a DCC decoder and Sound unit installed. Blackened metal wheelsets and kadee magnetic couplers also are required.

A – Prototypical accuracy (local types only) and great operational reliability. Train car/locomotive does not need to be weathered in some cases, but usually has some amount of weathering applied. Locomotive must have a DCC decoder installed. A sound unit may be required in some cases (steam locomotive). Accurate scale couplers and trucks required.

A- – Prototypical accuracy (local not required) and great operational reliability. Weathering non-existent. Metal wheelsets and kadee magnetic couplers required. Locomotive must have a DCC decoder installed. No weathering required, but paint must be in near perfect condition. Either accurate scale couplers or trucks required. Train locomotives and cars with molded details cannot proceed past this point, no matter if they are accurate or have weathering.

B+ – Some prototype accuracy (local not required), and great operational reliability. Must have either metal wheelsets or kadee magnetic couplers installed. No weathering required, but paint must be in good condition. Heavyweight (die-cast) train cars not allowed past this point.

B – Some prototype accuracy (local not required). Great operational reliability.  Paint must be in good condition.

C – Little prototype accuracy. Good average operational reliability required. Paint in ok condition.

D+ – Little prototype accuracy. Works, but sometimes needs help. Paint may be chipped in areas.

F – Non-Operable for whatever reason. Most that get here are dissembled for other train cars/locomotives or used for models.

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