MiddleWood Railroad

[ 8/18/13 ] This page was transferred from a previously failed blog that I did, and kept not moving this page over. Here’s some pictures of this layout. Hopefully when I get some time again, I will update with a layout drawing, and more details on how this Model Railroad ran.

[ 1/1/13 ] MiddleWood Model Railroad Layout has been archived. It no longer exists. Data about this model railroad will be added as I can, but if you want more information, just leave a comment, and I will reply soon as I can.

Scene 02

This was my first photo of a train running on the MiddleWood Layout. As you may notice, the train car on the right is leaning a little too far…

Scene 01

The dirt road was just finished and I put two of my model cars on the layout. Unfortunately, I didn’t seal the grass, and their’s that stain…

Scene 03

I had just finished the model building, and decided to take a picture.

Scene 02

I just finished the grass on the left side of the layout. I still need some skill in making hills out of Styrofoam.

Scene 02

An paper-craft building I built, and was testing how it looked on a layout, even though no building belongs there from the plan of the layout. I think it turned out well.

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