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Special Note Today: New Layout, just scroll below the photo to view the blog post.

My freeday parts from Sparkfun (well most were free anyway)

Hello again one and all! So I made it back today with a refreshing new post! As you have already noticed, the blog post features a photo BEFORE you read the post. Why? I thought the layout would be a little nicer. Also have added Read More of this Post. This just keeps the main page clear so you can quickly see old posts. Just click on it and read away! (like this post for example) Posts in the future will come standard this way. So not much stuff to talk about today, but here’s a shot at it: (more…)

Hello again! Seems like its been awhile since I’ve done a blog post! But maybe there’s a chance I’ll continue this time…

So, I decided to make a quick project, a one button timer, or per-say, a one button reprogrammable timer. How does it work?