Building A Quadcopter! – Part 4 – “On Standby”

Posted: August 19, 2013 in Hard Projects, Projects, Quadcopter
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Hey there! Well it seems the post “bring the pain” still hasn’t ended for building the quadcopter! Today, its “ON STANDBY” But before I go into that, if your just tuning in, make sure to check the previous post on the Quadcopter first:

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The Problematic ESC

Why do I have a picture of one of the ESCs? This time, the problem isn’t caused by stabilization (though I’m still struggling with that), and it isn’t codeing the craft, nor the motors this time!

This time, the error is in the ESC (Electronic Speed Controller)! Minding my own business, and testing the stabilization code for the craft, one of the motor at position Back Left stopped when the rest of the motors were working just fine. Thinking I may have just destroyed another motor, I decided to quickly change out with a spare motor I purchased, just in case. The same problem was still there. To then test if the ESC was at fault, I swapped the seemingly ‘faulty’ motor with one of the working ESCs. And took a known good motor and connected to the bad ESC. The ‘faulty’ motor worked just fine, and the good motor didn’t work correctly. I then figured out it was the ESC that caused the new problem.

So I say all this to say, it looks like I will have to put the quadcopter project on hold for now. With some things coming up, like my junior/senior year at college starting, it may be a little while before I can order a new part and get this problem fixed. I really don’t like saying this, especially with summer almost over already, so here’s hoping I can finish it as soon as I get the new part in! Stay tuned though, doesn’t mean I’m not working on other projects currently!

Eastern FireTail

  1. […] Building A Quadcopter! – Part 4 – “On Standby” […]

  2. did you left the LM4F120 controller? Why dont you use MultiWii?

    • Yes, I left it, due to deciding that it would be easier to start from an easy programming standpoint, to ease construction. I plan to return to an ARM processor in the future. I don’t want to use the MultiWii or others; the goal of this project was to build it completely from scratch. As future posts note, this didn’t really work like I planned…

  3. […] Building A Quadcopter! – Part 4 – “On Standby” […]

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