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Posted: January 28, 2012 in Informative Information, Projects, Uncategorized

Special Note Today: New Layout, just scroll below the photo to view the blog post.

My freeday parts from Sparkfun (well most were free anyway)

Hello again one and all! So I made it back today with a refreshing new post! As you have already noticed, the blog post features a photo BEFORE you read the post. Why? I thought the layout would be a little nicer. Also have added Read More of this Post. This just keeps the main page clear so you can quickly see old posts. Just click on it and read away! (like this post for example) Posts in the future will come standard this way. So not much stuff to talk about today, but here’s a shot at it:

Finally got my new electronic parts in the mail yesterday! And was suprised that my parts didn’t come in Spark Fun’s awesome RED Box:

An example of what I was EXPECTING to get, instead of your average, ordinary, boring, brown cardboard box...

Let’s see what I got:

  • LED Matrix (more on this on a soon – to – be future post)
  • MAX7119 IC – Controls the LED matrix
  • ZIF socket – To make programming my chips easier, and not having to jam wires where they’re not supposed to go…
  • Acclerometer – Think of the Wii remote. Just imagine the possibilities with this chip….
  • RTC (Real Time Clock Module) – Keeps track of time. Might work with my LCD screen below to form a cool looking clock. Or maybe I might be building a Clock Radio in the future???
  • Graphic LCD Screen – Similar to your TV, only doesn’t do color. Remember those old cell phones with small and colorless screens? Same thing. I would have preferred color, but color is really expensive compared to this for the hobbyist.
  • Various other chips and parts – Not really needing a special category, but they are the background science on how my electronic projects work.

So I’m currently working on the LED Matrix at the moment, and am about to start on the LCD screen. Once that has worn it’s time, I should be starting on the Rock Band Cheater Thing (Need a better name, ideas anyone???).

Ok, so probably a really boring post today on just some stuff I got, but they do serve a purpose in the future! EasternFireTail, signing out!


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