Welcome Back!

Posted: July 31, 2011 in Informative Information

Well, the summer’s been good, and I’m back bloggin after a almost 2 month break! (because it was summer!). Now you might not find this the most informative post, but I got some interesting information for you, as well as some of many blog posts to come this fall!

First – My college stuff. Finally got most of my classes scheduled, but it seems I’ll need to complain (ahem – inform) USC that there hasn’t been any spots available in ELCT 221 since June. They say it will free up in August, but I’m planning to talk to them later this week.

NEXT – Laptop for college ordered! No, it’s not a $2,300 MacBook Pro, but this Dell seems fairly close, and a LOT cheaper. Oh, did I mention I get a free Xbox because of my education email??? Finally, time to play the Halo series! And a few others that are not available on the Wii.

Ok, now for some random information: On the news this morning, in the ticker, it said Apple now has more money than the US Government! That means they could buy anyone if they wanted too. But according to another blog, this is highly unlikely. Imagine hearing one day: Apple buys Walmart. NOW THAT WOULD BE INTERESTING…. At least Apple can keep its finances straighter than the government…

And last, but probably the best, here’s your preview on blog post to come:

Wireless Router – What’s good, bad, and when you notice you need to get an upgrade…

Mystery Death part 1 – How checking a LCD monitor breaks it, and then the REALLY annoying fix…

Dragon Scales – Still working on the title, it’s taken me some time, but it may just work!

Di-Touchy – (Die-Touch-ey) A awesome electrical project, that you can listen to music, look at photos, play touch-based games, and EVEN make your own games! And if I can get access to a laser cutter again, it will look even more awesomer!

– Ok, that’s it for the moment. There’s more ideas I have, but I’ll leave those for suprises later on. Drop a comment on what you think, or not, I’ll probably continue blogging, but just be sad all the time while doing it because I don’t hear from you. đŸ˜¦


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