Video Explosion Thursday! – Week 5

Posted: June 2, 2011 in Easy Projects, Informative Information, Video Explosion Thursdays
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Videos of Parody, Movie Trailers, and more! Its that time again!

     Hello World and all who Inhabit it! Sorry for the late post, it seems my computer this week is against me from going online! Arrg! Got this great computer, and then HP puts a HORRIBLE WiFi card in it!!! Oh, I have a Wifi card, because my computer’s in a basement, and running a 120 foot Ethernet cable didn’t sound like a good idea at the time. I’m starting to reconsider installing that Ethernet cable…

Anyway, because of the computer, I wasn’t able to get that video uploaded, YET! I will get it up soon, as soon as I can fix this problem. Ok, I know you didn’t come to hear me complain about my computer (well, the ones who really know me are probably laughing right now…), so here’s the TOP 5:

Wii Fit Parody – This speaks for itself. Enjoy!

Kinect: The Greatest Anything Ever Parody – Yep, another parody that is funny, which also speaks for itself:

Happy Feet 2: Teaser Trailer – Hmm, this is the third video that speaks for itself. Yes, I thought the penguin was choking at first! First was good, and looking forward to the second one! And if nothing else, go just because it’s in 3D, plus the animation quality is AWESOME!

Make Strike Anything match – As you may (or not know), I’ve been starting a new upgrade on the Skeeballed! Machine. This is to contain your excitement till then. 😛

Ledgendz: Tale of the Dragon Kings – And last, but not least, this REALLY WEIRD anime show. 50 episodes – was able to complete it in a few days. This is the first one, part one (three parts, 30mins each episode).

Ok, that’s all for today! Comment if you liked any of them or not.

*with a dramatic theatrical voice* Coming tomorrow: *end theatrical voice* TAKE-IT-APART!

Till then, EasternFireTail, signing off!


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