Reduce, Reuse, Recycle? A project for clean air (sort-of)!

Posted: May 11, 2011 in Life, Projects
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Here’s a quick project I decided to do:

The Airvent Project

The total build of the ‘Airvent’ Project

     I like working on my models and then also soldering my electrical projects. Unfortunately, the solder contains lead (which I have gotten horrible headaches from in the past) and special model paints that have the smell of gasoline. Not wanting to have to go upstairs from my basement all the time, it was time I did a vent system to rid of bad air.

     So what does this have to do with recycling? Well, I came up with this project during the middle of the night, and impatience set in.

Temporary block to outside

My temporary block to the outside. The project isn’t made to be permanent, and the same applies here.

     After failing for the moment again at a long-term project, I had some left over soda bottles. I also salvaged a computer fan from my parts bin (came from a air hockey table) that works with 120V AC and plugs in the wall. All I needed now was some tape, a few plastic bags, and something to support the fan.


Close-up of the fan.

Airvent Tower

The Knex tower that supports the fan.

     After about 2 hours, I was completed. Its not 100% airtight, but it works in riding most of the bad stuff. The fan isn’t too loud either, so I’m still able to play my music in the background while working. The only problem in building was the Knex supports for the fan wanted to keep falling off, and as you can see earlier in the first photo, I taped it to the stool.

You may be wondering if I’m going to leave this in this spot by my bed the entire time, and the answer is no. Its mostly a temporary solution, until I’m not having to work in a basement anymore. But until then, I was able to recycle and reuse about 5 soda bottles in the process, and it cleans the air too (well, at least in the house anyway… haha).

Ok, well that’s all I have for now folks! Stay tuned, video explosion Thursday is tomorrow! Oh, and while your here, make sure to leave a comment if you want. I like to hear your opinion about this and other projects, even if you HATED it. Adios!

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